Obortis et Tdio

A Life Changed

Obortis et Tdio

Modesto Christian School has established a tax deductible tuition assistance giving program called "A Life Changed." This program provides us the opportunity to offer tuition assistance to families who have fallen on challenging financial times but desire to keep their students enrolled at Modesto Christian School.

Crop Donation

How Crop Gifts Work?

Cash basis farmers may donate any agricultural commodity to MCS if they:

  • Own the commodity free and clear or remove any liens before making the gift
  • Deliver actual crops to our school's designated agent
  • See that the processor provides us with delivery receipts for the donated crops
What does MC do?
  • We will arrange for storage or management of the crops
  • We will direct the subsequent sale of the crops

For all local commodities, we will establish accounts with the farmer's processors or/and handlers as needed. We have all of the necessary forms for crop donations and for acknowledging the crop gift so that the farmer can count the crop toward any agricultural program requirements. In other words, a donor-farmer delivers the crop gift to the processor and we take care of the rest.

Donor Services

Modesto Christian School operates it's Crop Donation program with the assistance of the National Christian Foundation (NCF).

For additional information or to make a crop donation, please contact Wendy Warwick at

Modesto Christian School

Golf Tournament

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