Our goal is for students to come to know Jesus and to make Him known in the world around them.

We recognize that every person is at a different place when it comes to a relationship with God. At Modesto Christian, we take an evangelistic approach to Christian education, giving students the opportunity to know and have a relationship with Jesus as well learn how to live a God-honoring, Christ-centered life. 


We believe that if our students can know and experience the presence of Jesus, it will truly change their lives. We provide these opportunities through weekly Chapel services, as well as one-on-one pastoral counseling and discipleship. Chapel is designed for students to learn about and experience God in a real way. That means not shying away from, but rather specifically addressing relevant, today issues through Biblical teaching and worldview.

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Seth Hammond

Seth Hammond

Campus Pastor


We believe that the Bible is the inspired Word of God and is useful to teach, encourage, and challenge us in the way we live. By learning and putting into practice the teachings of scripture–and through a thriving relationship with Jesus–we can grow into mature, fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ. This is the heart and goal for each of our students at MC.

As a part of our Chapel, we take time to break into smaller groups to discuss and ask questions about how these Biblical principles apply to different aspects of life. We believe that learning goes deeper when we set aside time for students to work out their faith in smaller groups. The combination of Chapel services and small group discussion effectively allows multiple ways for students to learn and grow spiritually.

Beyond the growth and spiritual formation that happens in Chapel, we have a full-time campus pastor that is available to meet with students one-on-one to provide pastoral care and counseling to those that need it. Pastor Seth is on campus to develop trust and rapport with students and to provide them support and guidance as they grow. He offices out of our Crusader Lounge, a place where students often go to eat lunch, hang out, and have fun during breaks. 

Overall, we at MC deeply care about and are committed to the spiritual growth and formation of our students. Our goal is that we do whatever we can to support each and every student as they come to know Jesus and learn how to live a life that honors Him.