Modesto Christian School was founded in 1962 by Pastor Roy Blakeley of Neighborhood Church and was one of thirty charter member schools of the Association of Christian Schools International.  Pastor Blakeley's vision was to have a school that would assist and support parents in their responsibility for teaching, training and preparing their children for life. 

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Modesto Christian School, founded in 1962 by Pastor Roy Blakeley of Neighborhood Church, was one of thirty charter member schools of the Association of Christian Schools International. Pastor Blakeley's vision was to have a school that would assist and support parents in their responsibility to teach, train and prepare their children for life. He believed this could be accomplished through an excellent, Christ-centered education in which God and His Word would serve as the foundation for all learning.

In 2016, Modesto Christian School was purchased from Neighborhood Church and is now under the ownership of Modesto Christian School Incorporated (MCS, Inc.). MCS Inc. purchased 32 of the original 55-acre campus and built a new preschool and elementary campus within just six short months. This alone is a testament of God’s abundance.  At this time, the middle school is housed on the same campus as the high school. The entire campus, which once was an open-campus, is now a safe sanctuary for all who attend this fine accredited institution. 

Modesto Christian School is a PK-12th grade school and has functioned most years as a traditional school within a non-denominational evangelical Christian environment. Today, MC offers hybrid learning where online education is starting to modernize the environment of institutions like MC. Students from many countries all over the world have made our school their home. Commuters, from even 75 miles away have chosen to make the journey to our humble campus because, through the growing pains, this campus has continued to honor God and people.  Today, like yesterday, people are drawn to our school and when asked why, they say, “...because MC feels like family.”


Modesto Christian is a mission-driven school with the sole purpose to develop Christ-centered leaders through excellence in academics, athletics, and the arts.  MC is not market-driven nor do the leaders chase after notoriety or short-term success. The Board, faculty and staff, seek God’s will and His way.