About Us

At Impact Truth, our mission is to inspire hope in individuals one presentation at a time

Our name is… IMPACTtruth, Inc. Why IMPACTtruth, Inc.? IMPACT & truth are the two core values of our company!


The word “IMPACT” speaks to our mission of inspiring and creating a positive IMPACT in youth, families, and educators across the country through our leadership programs, workshops, and keynote speakers. 


The word “Truth” speaks to how we promise to accomplish our mission. We promise to operate in truth in every aspect of our work, from our business dealings, our research, to our service. We vale to serve in truth!  

Meet Our Team

Roy Jaurez, Jr.

Founder & CEO

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Roy Juarez Jr. is known nationally, but you wouldn’t know it when you meet him. He is very down to earth, funny, and has a very loud laugh.


The one thing you will not miss when you meet Roy is his passion for young people and their future. He has dedicated his entire life to creating positive change in communities across the country.


Yes, he is young, but he has lived a life beyond his years. Since 2010 Roy has been able to lecture to over one million, educators, and parents throughout the country and abroad.

Michael Facciolo

Vice President of Company

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As Vice President Michael Facciolo brings nearly twenty years of experience to IMPACTtruth.  Mr. Facciolo manages operations, oversees international business development as well as talent acquisition and Talent management. 

In order to best serve his clients with heart and integrity, Michael draws upon a strong and eclectic body of sales and management experience in both the film, music as well as the speaker industry.  Some of Mr. Facciolo’s notable career highlights include producing the critically exclaimed documentary film “Don’t You Forget About Me” about the search for missing 1980’s recluse film director John Hughes.  Michael also served as Director of Sales at Jingle Punks Music (Fortune 500 music company based in Los Angeles/New York) where he worked with an incredible list of clients including: ESPN 30 for 30, The Voice on NBC, American Pickers and many more. 

Michael is proud to represent some of the most incredible speakers and artists across the globe whose stories represent equality and diversity and are some of the most powerful comeback stories ever told. 

Mr. Facciolo’s clients have taken to calling him “Ari” taking homage from legendary Hollywood Executive Ari Emmanuel who was immortalized in the hit television show Entourage. 

Regina Nerio

Regine “Reggie” Nerio

Director of Operations


Purpose Statement

Creating dreams in tomorrow’s leaders!

Vision Statement

We work to inspire hope in individuals who have lost it. In order to create a better environment in communities, homes, and the workforce across the nation. One presentation at a time!

Mission Statement

We strive to reach every corner of the United States; holding true to our values, proving the highest quality of service, developing the best possible legacy-builders and living legends of our time.

Values Statement
  • Honest – Honesty will fill every aspect of our business, from our keynotes to our business ethics.
  • Hard Work – Providing exceptional service through continuing education and selfless service.
  • Integrity – We believe it is imperative that we be the living examples for our future leaders
  • Competence – We promise to keep up with the latest cultural changes as well as information in order to be the best!
  • Heart Driven – We believe in our field, the heart is what truly drives us. Being passionate about raising tomorrow’s leaders is the key!