Karol Posada
Karol Posada


DJ, Karol Posadas, better known by her stage name Djkdva , of Guatemalan origin carries Latin music in her veins. Fifteen years ago, he came to Los Angeles, United States, and more than twelve years ago he became involved in music, touching the hearts of his listeners. With a special attachment to her public, both gringo and Latino, she considers that she is also very well received by the gay community.

The thirty-year-old artist manages the musical mixes at her deejay table , she also sings, animates the show, writes and composes for other artists. In addition, it has shone paying homage to the famous singer Selena Quintanilla in a tribute that has even led her to animate a game in Los Angeles NBA Clippers at a full stadium.

In April 2020, he began promoting his single “Dime”, which is available on his YouTube channel , but lately he has focused on his social networks with his work as a DJ. Constantly on his Instagram @djkdva_ he greets his fans every Wednesday, when he performs his streaming concerts at 7:00 p.m. in California. There, the best bachata, merengue and salsa sounds for the Latin public, but from time to time he changes the tracks and makes the show vibrate with house , electro and hip hop.

Karol Posadas comments that when she started in this area she did it out of necessity, then it became her career, which gave her passion every time she approached music. “As an artist, I like people to feel a certain way about music. There are people who have cried at my concerts, people who have a good time, and it reminds them of their childhood. Somehow I have control over people, and that’s a privilege, because I can make people cry, laugh and provoke so many emotions in one night ” declares Djkdva .

The Guatemalan has faced stages with an audience close to nine thousand people, and she feels satisfied with the response of her fans, due to what she calls her passion for the stage.