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Ovi Vasquez
Ovidilio David Vasquez went from a farmboy raised in a poor village in the sugarcane fields of Central America, to being accepted to Harvard Business School Online.
Brandon Fleming
a nationally acclaimed Harvard educator and author of MISEDUCATED: A Memoir. His story of struggle, success, and service has inspired millions around the world.
Drew Manning
Drew Manning is a fitness trainer, motivator, New York Times best-selling author, and creator of the Fit2Fat2Fit movement where he shares the lessons learned from his personal experiences of gaining and losing over 75 pounds.
Jonathan Darling
Johnathan Darling
Jonathan is seen as a pioneer in his approach to leadership working as a speaker/coach with organizations, universities and teams on the power of Love-Centered Leadership, which empowers individuals to lead, not from position or title, but from the heart, positively impacting the lives of those around them. 
Jordan Wagman
Jordan Wagman
Meet James Beard nominated Chef, bestselling author, cannabis culinary pioneer, podcast host, philanthropist and mental health survivor– Jordan Wagman. 
Kevon Lee
Kevon is an activist for anti-bullying, education, and at-risk youth. He shares his traumatic story with the world to inspire and empower others to not give up and understand the power of their voice.
Michael Bryce 
A world-renowned speaker, hypnotist, youth advocate, and executive coach whose work has impacted the lives of tens of thousands.
Stephanie Ellison
Today, Stephanie is an elementary school behavior specialist, inspirational speaker, children’s book author, activist, and the host of Fostering Hope with Stephanie Ellison. Above all, she believes her most important role is a wife and mother. 
Susie Reynolds Reece
Susie Reynolds Reece
Reece is best known for facilitating and implementing engaging training that expands team member capabilities and promotes community improvement. 
DJ Johnson
DeAntwann Johnson
Before spending nine years in the foster care system, DJ suffered child abuse, domestic abuse, and emotional trauma. At one point, he wanted to end his life, but he realized that he was on this earth for a purpose.
Chris Singleton
Chris Singleton
Chris Singleton is a former professional baseball player in the Chicago Cubs organization and an inspirational speaker who has traveled the country passionately speaking to over 75,000 students. 
April Hernandez
April Hernandez Castillo
Best known for her riveting performance as “Eva” in the hit movie, Freedom Writers, starting Hilary Swank. However, behind the glitz and glamor was a woman dealing secretly with a traumatic past.
Roy Juarez, Jr.
Published his highly anticipated book, Homeless by Choice: A Memoir of Love, Hate, and Forgiveness. This riveting memoir journeys through Roy’s decision to live homeless again, but this time, Homeless by Choice.